Frequently Asked Question

Millions of people around the world have already made Virtual capital of America the place where their dream happens.


If I have problems or issues with whom can I communicate?

You can contact our email [email protected] or you can call our corporate mobile number 00-57-3058126314.

How can I have access to my account?

At this moment you can only access via web because we are developing our mobile app. Meanwhile if you could use our services you cand install the direct access in your phone because our website is mobile-first, this means is developed thinking first on mobile users.

How open my account?

Across this website you can find some many buttons with the words "Open account", only you need click on it, register and follow instructions.


Do I have any restrictions using VCA services if I'm a business?

No, only that the client is responsible for ensuring that the resources managed that are his property, do not violate the law, and that they have not been proven to be crime, such as money laundering or terrorist financing.

I have a business, can I receive payments?

Yes, when you open an account with us you can register your business for accept credit and debit cards, crypto-actives (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more) and other local payment business.

Can I synchronize my stock with payments?

We have a dedicated business selling tools and other specialized tools, one of them is a complete POS system to manage stocks, sales, invoices, providers, users and more. Discover it.

If I'm younger, can I use VCA?

Our services are now limited to people over 18 years of age at this time.


What pricing does VCA has for using it's services?

Is totally free between VCA users but if your a business or wants outside VCA world you need visit section terms and conditions, you can find the latest news about our products and services.

VCA handle hidden costs?

No, our costs are public and you can show it every time you need. Only thing you need to know is we use percentages and not fixed costs.

How does the refund policy work?

Some many about our services has the refund policy and this is called a dispute, you could open any you wants and we are very happy to study your case.


How many times will I be charged?

This your decision, you can charge money when you need to your wallet or can schedule when the amount is low.

My profile is public?

No, the major information about you is encrypted and saved in cold wallets (offline systems), only you can share your public information like name to your desired contacts.

Why VCA needs to much personal information?

To enforce international requirements to prevent money laundry and terrorism whe need to know you, this information is only needed when international organizations require to audit information about our clients.

Why VCA need access to camera and other sensors like biometrics?

We want to improve your life and this aim is only possible if we develop some many tools like payments with QR codes or security with your fingerprints, we don't want to add more problems for you.


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Millions of people around the world have already made Virtual capital of America the place where their dream happens.

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