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We facilitate global trade through a wide variety of payment products and services that go beyond borders, taking us to new markets and experiencing truly significant experiences. Improving the way we live


Financial services

Smart solutions. Bottom-line impact.


Keep your capital safe. A wallet with multiple currencies.


Pay anywhere, anytime. Payment gateway providing an API and integrations.

Send money

No worry for country borders. Your friends and family around the world can be receive money at instant.


Working with different currencies?. Receive international payments without no worries about the currency.


Grow your capital with few clicks. Pre-defined portfolios, education and a professional platform to improve your capital.


Payments from everywhere. Became our partner. We have solutions for your startup providing POS systems, electronic bills and hardware to receive payments.

Manage your capital

Accept VCA®, open possibilities

We develop a new way to improve your life provinding a better experience and inexpensive solution for you, this is created by real people to real people, without abusive fees and super difficult services.

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Everything on your hand

Mobile payment solutions.

Our neobank are design to run on your favorite devices, no worry about compatibility or something like that, your banking in your fingerprints. Explore what can you do with us.


You cand do payments around the world, no matter if is on site or international payment because we want to gain more flexibility beyond borders. You could watch in the map what business are in the network.

Send money to your friends, family or any contact in your phone that you trust and no worry about currencies, fees, and more settings, only select your contact an amount and check the transaction and it is everything you need.

Accessing to stocks has never been easier because we want to all our users starts to using and knowing how to operate in stocks, we prepare for you tutorials, courses and a powerfull platform to do a trader.

If you want to buy or sell different currencies in the same place and a trust agent we provide you a tool to do this, you can play with our simulation tools to know what is the best moment to buy or sell any currency.

A healthy personal economy is possible when you have all your accounts clear, we want to give you all control and a simple way to understand how you manage your money to provide a tool to recommend how to improve your capital.

You need your money at time, without delays or downtimes because is YOUR money we develop a robust platform to prevent these annoying situations.


Virtual capital of America makes your life easy

Take control of your finances. With just one app.

One Platform,
Solves Everything

We want to give you an ecosystem to be at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits program

You deserve much more. That's why we've decided to create a benefit program that fits your needs.

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More than a software

The payment process, demystified.

Live call support

Is important for us give you an excellent experience. No worry about if is a question or a problem we are very happy to assist you in your unique requirement.


We want to improve your knowledge about finance management and responsability about money, also we will dispose for you an academy to grow up your skills and we want to rise up your capital and the only way is teaching you how to manage your money.

Fully customizable

We know you are unique and special, for this reason we are working on a fully customizable platform to be oriented to your needs without noise and complicated processes.


Online banking that understands the human.

Is important for us give you the better finance experience because we want to improve your life and the way to achieve it is to do everything in harmony. Our mantra, keep it simple.

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Solutions to grow your business

Digital transformation is happening now, and it's happening fast! Consumers are motivated to buy from businesses that offer convenient and easy shopping experiences like the ability to shop both in-store and online, use digital payments, and keep up with their favorite products and services online. As commerce is going through a transformation, businesses are looking at digital solutions to help improve sales, obtain new customers, and reduce costs.

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